Before It's Set In Stone CD

Justin Standley


Before It's Set In Stone is a surprise package for many reasons.  This easy listening country CD is a wonderful compliment to Justin's recently released Hold On To Love CD.  Some of the songs from Before It's Set In Stone were originally penned for the Hold On To Love CD and have proven to be very popular at Justin's live performances.

Before It's Set In Stone is the first professional commercial release produced by Justin Standley at his home studio Aurora Den. 

It features 12 original songs:

Young Girl is a popular song Justin has been singing at his live performances since the Hold On To Love writing sessions.  A beautiful story about Justin's friends, Aussie and Evelyn Brackley, who originally met at a dance and waltzed together many years ago. There is a cute yodel break in the middle of this emotive song.

Step By Step is another song many of Justin's supporters have been asking to be recorded.  Step By Step was written for Justin's friend, Leisa Ford. Before Leisa's step-dad passed away earlier in 2016, Leisa asked Justin to write a song that she could play to her step-dad to help his failing memory and remind him just how important he was to Leisa and her family.

Sister is an intimate account of Justin's bond with his sister, Terri.  This song borders on being semi-operatic where Justin uses his counter-tenor voice to compliment a string score.  Sister was originally earmarked for Hold On To Love.

Two Steps Ahead is an uptempo foot-tapper with a delightful swing feel.  Whether you're recovering from a broken heart, or just need a general pick-me-up, this song is the tonic.

I Could Never Stop Loving You is a lovely song to dance/line-dance too with a simple message: love relationships may end, but love itself doesn't have to.

However, if you are nursing a broken heart or simply want to be left alone, then Don't Ask Me Now will be a good song for you :-)  

Before It's Set In Stone is an interesting title track for this CD.  A philosophical song with a good tempo that speaks about some people's tendencies to judge unnecessarily or unfairly while they sit back and do nothing themselves - it's never too late to try and change. 

Ray of Sunshine is a stand-out song.  You could be forgiven for thinking Justin had channelled the ghost of John Denver on this beautiful track.

Pray for Grace is a soft country rock piece that was born out of the concerns of a father with teenage daughters :-)

She's Yours is another demonstration of how well Justin can put together a good country song, with a twist.

Ravensthorpe is a haunting tale about Justin's indigenous relative and well known author, Kim Scott.  Justin and Kim share the same Indigenous heritage from W.A. The song was inspired by Kim Scott's novel, Kayang and Me.

Motorcycle Memories is a tender song about Bundaberg lady, Judy Forest, who is remembering the love of her life.  Justin wrote the song for Judy after she won a Relay for Life fund-raising raffle (the prize being a song written by Justin).

If you're a fan of Justin's music, Before It's Set In Stone shows yet more sides of this enigmatic and talented country singer-songwriter and is a 'must-have' for your collection.

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