Hold On To Love CD

Justin Standley


Hold On To Love has been a miraculous and shared experience.  Many people believed in me and helped me to create this wonderful collection of songs.   It was important that this album was something extra special.  I think we’ve nailed it.

It has been produced by Matt Fell both in Australia and in Nashville.  It is world-class production with some of the world's best musicians playing on the album.

Hold On To Love will not be publicly released till 6 May 2016.  You can pre-purchase your copy now and it will be posted in the week leading up to 6 May 2016.

Hold On To Love has 13 original Australian country and country-folk songs:

Hold On To Me is about my journey to find love: my children and my partner.  It's all about love and never letting go.  This song received a massive standing ovation at the Toyota Star Maker finals in Tamworth last year.  It is very 'Roy Orbisonesque' and the last few notes go higher than I ever thought I could reach.

In The Arms of the Widow Fig is a haunting song about a battle between a giant water gum and a strangler fig, or maybe it is story told from the perspective of the children whose parents separated?  You decide.  This song is a duet with my daughter Charlotte.

Oh No, Not Another Love Song! is a real swinging foot tapper!  Light-hearted and uplifting.

The Worry Tree is something I bet we all wished we had.  One of the cutest, feel-good songs on the album.

Things I Should Be Doing was written by talented poet, Manfred Vijars.  It is a haunting and thought-provoking Indigenous yarn.

Till the Buzzer Goes Off is about life being like a rodeo!  Another fun, foot-tapper with a few positive and encouraging messages - a bit of 'cowboy philosophy'.

Man Gone Missing is another fun, tongue-in-cheek song with an infectious beat.  It was the first single to be released and entered the national country airplay charts top 40 (CMR) at a staggering no.5 in November 2015.

Beechworth Gold is a common story of early gold-miners' fates, told from the perspective of a gold-miner's wife.  Ronald Morgan wrote this song originally and we worked on it together to come up with this beautiful piece.

Sweet Ophelia is a song I wrote for my beautiful daughter Ophelia, for her 21st birthday.

100 Droving Days is song I wrote many years ago but has been re-incarnated for this album.  It's an unusual bush-ballad/love-song hybrid.  This song has already proven to be very popular and reached the no.1 on the Country Tracks Chart Top 40 in 2016.

Last and Least of All is a yodelling song.  It's a little sad, a little funny.  When I sing this song I always imagine a forlorn runaway dog yodelling his way through his sad lament.

Water Into Wine is a melancholy and beautiful ballad.

That's Not Love is another foot-tapper with some awesome percussion work on the track thanks to the amazing talents of producer Matt Fell.

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