Red Light EP

Justin Standley


NOTE: The Red Light EP is no longer in production.  This EP is now genuinely a collectors item.  It includes Justin's first top 10 hit and his first no.1 hit on the CMR national country radio charts.

There are very limited copies available to buy.  The songs can still be bought and downloaded online via iTunes, CD Baby and other sites.

Recorded in Hervey Bay, Queensland, and in Nashville, USA, by Pacific International Music, this EP includes some of Justin's finest lyrics and vocal work.  There are 5 tracks:

1. "Return of the Stockman" is an Australian classic, originally composed by the late, great Stan Coster.  Justin has breathed new life into this bush-ballad.  A good foot-tapper, sing-a-long song with a little yodel thrown in for good measure.  The song was a top 10 hit for Justin in the national country radio airplay charts (CMR), was in the CMR Top 40 for 19 weeks, and was listed in the Top 40 country tracks for 2015.

2. "Hard Easy" is an award-winning song (APRA/TSA New Songwriter for 2015) Justin wrote about the love between couples who have been around the block before. The song has a number of positive messages: with real love, the hard times can be made easier; and, make the most of every moment.  "Hard Easy" was a number 1 hit for Justin on the CMR charts and was listed in the Top 40 country tracks for 2015.

3. "Red Light" is an interesting story song that touches on many themes about judgement, the love and commitment of parents, religion and much more.  This song as specially selected for the 2015 Tamworth Festival souvenir CD.

4. "Nora Goodhelp", Justin wrote based on the inspiration and stories about his great-grandmother, one of the Stolen Generation.

5. "Little Ronnie's Ghost", is an engaging story song that has proven popular at Justin's live shows.  It showcases an IMPRESSIVE vocal range - you can hear Slim Whitman in Justin's voice.

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